Protecting Your Self During Covid 19

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How to Protect your self from Covid 19




According to the CDC website, There is currently no vaccine but there are ways to prevent covid 19.


Help Stop the Spread of Covid 19


Wear A Mask and Save Lives


One of the ways that you can help prevent the spread of covid 19 by wearing a face covering. Many businessess currently are not allowing customers to enter without putting on a face mask. Whil alone will not guarantee that you will not catch it. It is said that it provids a barrier that may help the spread of passing it to others. Here at Need T-shirts Now we have been busy printing Custom Face Mask for customer all over the USA during this pandemic. We also can help businesses stay branded with custom mask and custom t-shirts to let customers know that you are still in business. 


Wash Your Hands


It is recommended that you should wash your hands with soap and warm or hot water for the minimum of 20 seconds. You should also alway wash your hands befor you do one of the following.


  • Wash your Hands before you eat
  • Wash your Hands after you use any public place
  • Wash your Hands after you use the restroom
  • Wash your Hands after you cough, blow your nose or sneeze.
  • Wash your Hands before and after handing your custom Face Mask


Practice Social Distancing


Practicing social distancing shoul also be taken into consideration. You can do this by standing away from people at least 6ft. You should stay away from people that are sick and avoid public places if you are sick or at high risk of catching covid 19.


These are some of the steps that are recommended and you should frequently check the CDC website frequently to see if there is any updates when it comes to the pandemic this winter. Stay safe Everyone.



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