Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

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Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Fund raiser ideas for schools

School fundraisers play a vital role in supporting educational programs, extracurricular activities, and facility improvements. To ensure a successful and engaging event, it's important to choose fundraising ideas that resonate with your school community. Here are ten easy fundraiser ideas for schools that incorporate popular elements such as popcorn, lemonade, recycling, custom t-shirts, art auctions, bake sales, talent shows, used book sales, school yard sales, and coupon book sales.


1. Popcorn Stand


Set up a popcorn stand during school events, sports games, or performances. This simple yet effective fundraising idea can be easily managed by students and offers a tasty treat for attendees. To maximize profits, consider offering different flavors of popcorn and incorporating other snacks and beverages.


2. Lemonade Stand

Organize a lemonade stand during warmer months or at outdoor events. Students can sell freshly squeezed lemonade, promoting entrepreneurship and teamwork. To boost revenue, offer various flavors of lemonade, and consider selling cookies or other treats alongside the refreshing drinks.


3. Recycling Drive

Host a recycling drive where students, staff, and community members can bring in items such as bottles, cans, and electronics. Partner with local recycling centers to exchange these items for cash. This not only raises funds for your school but also promotes environmental awareness and responsibility.


4. Custom T-Shirt Sale

Design and sell custom t-shirts featuring your school's logo, mascot, or a unique design related to an upcoming event or theme. This not only raises funds for your school but also promotes school spirit among students, parents, and the community. You can look for a local t-shirt printing company or find one online. 


5. Art Auction

An art auction can highlight the creativity of students and provide a unique fundraising opportunity. Students can create artwork in various mediums, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, or photography. Host a live auction or silent auction, where attendees can bid on the pieces, with proceeds going to the school.


6. Bake Sale

Organize a bake sale where students, parents, and staff can contribute homemade treats or cultural dishes. This not only raises funds but also offers an opportunity for the school community to come together and share their culinary talents.


7. Talent Show

A talent show is an entertaining way to showcase the diverse skills and abilities of students while raising funds. Charge a small admission fee for attendees and consider selling refreshments during the event. You can also involve local businesses by asking them to sponsor the event or donate prizes for the winners.


8. Used Book Sale

Collect gently used books from students, staff, and community members, and host a used book sale at your school. This fundraiser not only raises funds but also promotes literacy and encourages the recycling of books. Consider offering special deals, such as a "fill-a-bag" option, to maximize sales.


9. School Yard Sale

Host a school yard sale where students, staff, and community members can donate items to be sold. This fundraising event not only raises funds but also encourages decluttering and recycling within the community. To increase revenue, consider offering refreshments or holding a raffle during the event.


10. Coupon Book Sale

Partner with local businesses to create a coupon book featuring discounts on goods and services in your community. Sell these coupon books to students, parents, and community members, with a portion of the proceeds going to your school. This not only raises funds but also supports local businesses.


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