There is, for instance, "The British Story," of which Harold Lipson, a retired senior vice president of Champion Products, Rochester, N.Y., is a proponent.

According to Lipson, sailors in the Royal Navy before the turn of the century wore a sleeveless undergarment similar to today's tank top, but made of a heavy, woolen fabric. This was considered the daily uniform for shipboard duties, he said, with dress uniforms being saved for special occasions.

That changed, said Lipson, late in the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) when a member of royalty -- perhaps the queen herself -- was scheduled to inspect the fleet.

"The brass apparently looked at their men and decided that sweaty, hairy underarms were not a fit sight for royalty," he explained. "They ordered the men to sew sleeves on their underwear."

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Judges 14:12-13 And Samson saith to them, `Let me, I pray you, put forth to you a riddle; if ye certainly declare it to me in the seven days of the banquet, and have found it out, then I have given to you thirty linen shirts, and thirty changes of garments; and if ye are not able to declare it to me, then ye have given to me thirty linen shirts, and thirty changes of garments.' And they say to him, `Put forth thy riddle, and we hear it!'

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Christian T-shirts brings you this week in Christian history:

June 3, 1098: After a seven-month siege, the armies of the First Crusade recapture Antioch (now in Turkey) from the Muslims.

June 3, 1162: Thomas a Becket is consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. Nominated by his friend, King Henry II (Becket had previously served as his chancellor), Becket underwent a radical change as archbishop. He became pious and devoted to the church, which Henry found annoying. When knights heard the king grumbling, they killed Becket as he prayed.

June 3, 1647: The Puritan British Parliament bans Christmas and other holidays.

June 3, 1905: Hudson Taylor, English missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission, dies. "China is not to be won for Christ by quiet, ease-loving men and women," he once said. "The stamp of men and women we need is such as will put Jesus, China, [and] souls first and foremost in everything and at every time-even life itself must be secondary".